School Visit Plan


To convey these simple points

We all have stories to tell

Teach the components of a story

How to tell truth through fiction

You write by writing. You improve by rewriting.

(If the teacher has some specific learning goals or wording of the goals I am glad to incorporate them.)

Format and activities:

1.       Share one of my stories. Picture books in the younger grades, Henry on Fire in the older grades.

2.       Let the children tell me about their work with stories

3.       Build a story together

a.       Setting

b.      Situation

c.       Character

d.      Complications

e.      Resolution

4.       With fourth grade and up give away one or two copies of Henry on Fire.

Group reads:

If a class would like to read Henry on Fire then discuss it with me I am glad to loan a sufficient number of copies in advance of my visit in order to do that.

(There is no charge for my time and please no gifts.)